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Sugar Cravings

Moira Riccio

It's almost Halloween…and I am sure when you stop at the grocery store you will see all sorts of "sugary" foods.  The most outrageous are the "peeps" of marshmallow drenched in oil and coated with sugar.  You may find this afternoons where you feel like a little sugar would not be so bad, right?  To get you through the day?  Here's some reasons why NOT to take a handful of candy corn.

Promotes wrinkling and aging skin
Makes your blood acidic
Can lead to osteoporosis
Is addictive as much as drugs
Can create the urge to binge
Robs your body of minerals
Robs you of energy
Contributes to heart problems
Can cause cancer
Contributes to ulcers
Can cause gallstones
Contributes to adrenal fatigue
Can suppress your immune system
Raises the level of serotonin
Weakens eyesight
Can cause aging
Can cause arthritis