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Super Immunity Food Choice Recommendations

Moira Riccio

According to the book, Super Immunity, "The key to obtaining incredible health is to eat more fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and other nutrient-rich foods.  Consuming these nutrients in their raw form will give the maximum benefit."

What does this mean?

to do list:

1.  Eat a large salad every day

2.  Buy some raw nuts and seeds~stick 'em in your glove compartment, stash some in your desk at work…have good stuff accessible 

3.  Eat green vegetables every day, raw or cooked~add some in to soups, or stews

not to do list:

1.  Avoid barbecue meats, especially processed meat

2.  Fried foods (ok, we knew that)

3.  Full-fat dairy

4.  Soda, sugar and artificial sweeteners

5.  White flour products