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Once and for all~WHY are sugar substitutes bad for you?

Moira Riccio

And, what is the best form of sugar substitute anyway?
Here's the lineup of common sugar substitutes:  honey, pure maple syrup, agave, stevia, and/or fresh fruits.

How They Work
Artificial sweeteners may weaken the body’s ability to identify the delivery of calories into the stomach. When you consume glucose, found in foods and drinks (such as regular soda pop), your taste buds send a message to the brain that says sugar is on its way down to the stomach. Your brain then prepares your stomach to take in the sugar, while your metabolism prepares the body for the incoming calories. When the sugar is replaced by a no-calorie, artificial sweetener, and the calories never reach the stomach, the body is left in a state of confusion. Over time, your body loses the ability to gauge caloric intake, which leads to a tendency to consume more food than needed and thereby gain more weight. 

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Sugar Cravings

Moira Riccio

It's almost Halloween…and I am sure when you stop at the grocery store you will see all sorts of "sugary" foods.  The most outrageous are the "peeps" of marshmallow drenched in oil and coated with sugar.  You may find this afternoons where you feel like a little sugar would not be so bad, right?  To get you through the day?  Here's some reasons why NOT to take a handful of candy corn.

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