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Brrrr…cold weather got you uptight?

Moira Riccio

Yeah, that's what I said ~ "Do you feel a little "uptight," or stiff and crickety these days?  We've all been there.  Research shows that exercise is the best medicine for your joint stiffness.  According to Prevention magazine, "…exercise is the best thing for tender joints.  It builds muscle, stabilizes joints, promotes flexibility, and keeps your weight down."  For every extra pound of weight you carry, it exerts roughly 4 pounds on each knee!

Movement does so much more, however.  It certainly promotes healthy hormonal balance, and enhances brains chemicals that boost your mood and can help fight off depression.  Endorphins, anyone?

So why not try it?  When you wake up in the morning, take 5 minutes each day and stretch out:  standing forward fold, 10 squats to stretch out your lower back, child's pose to stretch upper back~and really breathe into it, then a slow hip roll, and breastroke.  Try it!  You will enter that hot shower and start your day with an added boost of happiness and energy!

Exercise can be your happy pill as soon as you are ready for it,