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What is "HIIT" and Why Do I Need It in My Life?

Moira Riccio

"H.I.I.T" stands for "High Intensity Interval Training."  You will need it in your life if you want a quick, high energy, fat-burning workout that takes only 1/2 hour.
In that case, who doesn't need this?
Choose a workout you like to do:  walking, running, biking, indoor cycling, elliptical.  After a 3 minute warm up, go as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then recover for 2 minutes.  Repeat 10x.  Cool down and stretch for 5 more minutes.

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"The Science and Sweat of the High-Intensity Workouts"

Moira Riccio

This was the recent topic from NPR's "On Point" news program, with Tom Ashbrook.   P90X, Crossfit, Tabata, Insanity....  Is it really better for you to do these shorter high-energy burts of cardio, or should you just go out for a long walk?

The answer is time.

If you want to seriously burn calories and don't have alot of time, you can create your own Tabata-style of workout, even on your walk!    Put those headphones on and walk, jog, run in intervals for 25 minutes.  Do 10 of them, for example and pace yourself accordingly around a High School running track, or in between telephone poles in your neighborhood.  The transition is where you burn the calories, because you are asking your body to go from zero to sixty quickly.

And always keep in mind, as you get older, mix it up.  Walk, jog, run one morning and then the next morning life some weights while watching the morning news.  Or, if you prefer too sleep in and exercise at night, do things during the commercials.  You will get stronger, and really make a difference if you exercise when your body is used to be relaxed.  Mix it up this summer with a stroll after dinner, since it's light out, for example, if you only exercise in the morning.

So figure out how much time you have and plan accordingly.  Squeeze it in the best you can~it's important!!

Keep the Peace within your schedule,