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Stabilizing Your Blood Sugar

What does this mean?!  Your body needs to refuel as it moves throughout the day, and needs to be fed consistently.  If you exercise in the morning, eat something beforehand, even if it's just a banana or granola bar. The goal is to eat every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day until bedtime.  Balance each meal with protein, carbohydrates & healthy fat.  Your last meal should be within an hour of going to sleep, to help prepare your body for fasting (sleeping all night).  Frequent, smaller meals will help stabilize your blood sugar, giving you good energy.

When you overeat, and consume too many calories or carbs at a meal, your blood sugar spikes and the body stores fat.  Skipping a meal, or restricting calories or barbs, or exercise on an empty stomach...makes your blood sugar drop, and the body burns muscle & holds onto fat.  Energy crashes, and cravings increase.

Depending on your lifestyle, getting these smaller meals 3 to 4 times each day can be challenging.  So, if it's not easy to create that healthy combination of protein, carbs and fat~then stop and have a powershake at your desk or at the drive thru.  Just do the best you can to plan ahead and take care of you.

After working so hard at your exercise program, you want to support your muscles with the right fuel.:)