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Fitness Trends & Should I Follow Them?

Moira Riccio

"I keep hearing about Barre, Barre, Barre…and I just think it's so boring!"  I recently heard this from one of favorite clients who was looking for something new.  Fitness is a very personal decision.  And, people feel very strongly about what they are doing.

I always say, "Mix it up."  Sure, try a Barre class and add it into everything else you are doing, but don't drop everything else!  Sometimes if your body is not used to a new program and you go "from zero to sixty" too fast, you may end up with any injury.  

As for the fitness trends in 2014….it's Barre, and classes that incorporate balance, breathing, light weights with combination squats and lunges barefoot style are popular right now.  Did someone say, "Pilates?!"  A Pilates Strength & Sculpt class is all of the above.