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Have you hugged your foam roller recently?

Moira Riccio

Aaaah....the foam roller ~ that funky-looking, long, white cylinder that Moira brings out on occasion to do a CORE warm up?  Yes, that's it.  Does it make you feel uncomfortable?  Well it shouldn't....  The foam roller is so good for you to not only do exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles, but also it's a wonderful way to release tension and tightness in your muscles.

I read a book about it titled, "The Melt Method."  It was fascinating how this Fitness Instructor, turned massage therapist described how to use the foal roller for each area of your body safely and to constructively work through the fascia connective tissue around your muscles.  "The Melt Method" recommends foam rolling once a day so stay active without pain.

To learn more, get in touch with me and I can teach you a full hour of exercises so that you feel long and lean, and ready to stride through the day.

Over and out,