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Is the Destination Better than the Journey?

Moira Riccio

That's truly the biggest question in life, isn't it?  I've always loved James Taylor's version of it, in his song, "The Secret of Life."  The melody is, "The Secret of Life is enjoying the passage of time.  Any fool can do it.  There 'aint nothing to it.  Nobody knows how you got to the top of the hill...."  So, does it matter that we got to the top of the hill?

Then there's the sports version of this same idea:  "It's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game."  We love to tell this to our children, but then the first question we ask when they return home from a practice scrimmage or game is, "Did you win?"

We all have goals ~ fitness or otherwise ~ and we strive to attain those goals....  What's more gratifying however: actually attaining the goals or the work or enjoyment we have while reaching the goals?

Alas, I was asking myself the same question the other day when packing up my family for a ski trip.
 The packing list looks something like this:  2 pairs of pants, shirts, socks, underwear, long johns, (i.e.: "Under Armour" in my kids' minds):) pajamas, jeans, hat, mittens, ski helmet, skis, boots, neck warmer, goggles.  Each child followed the list but then added a few extras!  When I returned home from the studio, I found all of this plus stuffed animals, a few books, a couple of iPods, magic markers and a big bathrobe.  The pile of stuff was literally four feet high!  I was not sure how we were to fit this, plus ourselves, into our minivan.....  I warned them, "We need to pack our food as well, in between the car seats, so I am not sure we can fit all of the animals!  And a bathrobe??  Can't you live without that for a few days?"  You can imagine my heart rate was escalating as we started the negotiations.

Let's just say that my little "F. Scott Fitzgerald" won out with his bathrobe and we did bring about 6 stuffed animals.  I figure, if my kids are still playing make-believe, then I gotta run with it!  So, while I was building a pyramid (gallon of milk first, frozen veggies on top to keep cool, bread and cereal over that), and was not necessarily feeling fulfilled in this chore, I had to take a moment and smile at Nicholas wearing his bathrobe, under his snow coat, and carrying "Fluffy" on his way to the car.

Whatever you do at work or at play during the day, may you always stop and enjoy the moment a little we say, "Smell the roses, and blow out the birthday candles."  In between folding laundry or preparing for the next business meeting, remember that the journey is often more rewarding than the destination.  After all, if we place too much emphasis on the destination, we are sure to be disappointed.  If you spend all of your time worrying about the future then you will miss all the exciting things happening right now!  Throughout our life journey.there are lessons learned, characters developed, and passion fueled along the way!

May all of you have an "aha" moment today, even if it's not wearing a bathrobe!

Keep the Peace,