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"Does she eat?! What does she eat anyway?"

Moira Riccio

So many of you may at some point ask to yourself during these exercise classes, "I wonder what she eats for breakfast!"  How can she have so much energy?  "Did she say,'Eight more?!"  I am just kidding here (well, not really):)'s not that I think you think about me so much while you are working out, but I remember being a student in a class and asking myself those questions,  "Does she ever bury her head in a box of wheat thins at some point during the month?  I mean, really!!!"

So the short answer is:  eggs & toast, peanut butter & toast, cereal or oatmeal with milk, or a protein bar.   The long answer is:  we are all a work in progress....  And I really mean it.  I totally understand that you all have jobs, travel schedules, families and let's face it ~ sometimes it takes alot of will power to stay away from wheat thins!   Or when you are at the airport or on the road and stop at (gasp!) McDonalds, what do you order?  You need to eat, after all.

The bottom line is you just need to make good choices, just like we tell our kids/friends/coworkers/animals.  At a recent VET checkup with my dog, Dr. Pett (yup, that's his name --  seriously) suggested that Rudi eat more carrot sticks instead of biscuits.  She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I said, "I know,'s a bummer for all of us."  "We can have a biscuit 2x/week instead of every day."

So convert that same logic and reasoning for yourself.  Keeping a healthy eye on your nutritional content (NOT a "diet") does not have to be so restrictive.  It's all a give and a take.  Everybody has a bad day, and may overindulge in wheat thins or chocolate or whatever floats your boat.  The key is to not just give up.  Start fresh tomorrow.  Give yourself weekly rewards ~ not food related.:)

And remember this: If you cut back 250 calories a day, and exercise to burn 250 calories...that adds up to 500 calories per day!   That really adds up over time!  (that's as many calories as an entire spin class!!)

Keep the Positive Energy and Keep the Peace,