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January Thaw....2013

Moira Riccio

Well, no more "Happy New Year" greetings....   At this point we need to go right to: when is the January thaw?  Can I give up some of my resolutions yet?    Just get them out of my head so I don't feel like a total failure.... Or can I start anew because I was in the middle of putting away decorations and cleaning up clutter for the first 10 days anyway?!   I did make it to the Hamilton-Wenham Christmas tree bonfire last weekend ~ "YOLO!"  
And, I think the chex mix and chocolate covered almonds are now cleared out of every hiding place.  (I have this habit of hiding things an forgetting where I hide them, for example chocolate and iPods)

So, Happy January thaw ~ that's right:  "Baby it's a little too warm outside..."   Where is the snow?  The ice?  Is this the thaw?!   Well, I guess it's not too pretty out there for our Winter hikes but you can always come into Studio13.   Goodness knows we are jamming with those folks who have started their new fitness plans -- and good for them!  I feel like the priest who says at Christmas service, "It's so wonderful to see you this time of year;  can you come all the time?":)   Just kidding here ~ let's face it, it's all the more fun for us, to have some company!  It's almost like we have new and improved friends on Facebook, isn't it?  

So keep coming to Reformer, as regularly scheduled, and come get re-energized with us at Studio13!  (after all, it IS January thaw!  Get it into high gear!!)   

FYI ~ if your schedule allows, classes this week:
                    Monday 12noon RIPPED lunch hour
                    Tuesday 6pm Spinning   
                    Wednesday 3:30pm Sculpt and Tone
                    Friday 3:30 -- 4:30pm MAT Pilates   
                               4:30 -- 5:45 pm (kick off your holiday weekend) Booty Barre with extra core

No reservations necessary for studio classes, except for Spinning.  By the way ** I have an opening in the Tuesday/Thursday 6am Reformer class for you early birds.  As you know, I am always available for anyone who wants to start private training.....I have so many new tricks up my sleeve and can really create a program for different levels, with Pilates, TRX, Barre, Kickboxing, or even cardio.  Right now I have the following timeslots available:  Tuesday/Thursday 8am, Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:30am.  Saturday 11:30am.   I am also available for private parties or to teach a class for you and your friends at your bookclub or work.

Have a wonderful week.  "Keep the Peace,"