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Attitude is Everything

Moira Riccio

"Ho Ho Ho" or "Bah Humbug?"   I know, I know, it's that crazy time of the year when, even if you are not shopping for presents, things just take a little longer.  Finding a parking space, buying groceries, waiting for the green light ~ just use your Pilates breathing my friends to muddle your way through the time.  Knowledge is power, after all, and you all know that "smelling the roses" and "blowing out the birthday candles" with help to relax your shoulders and reduce the tension....:)  
Try to maintain a positive attitude and it will reflect back to you as a reward.

When I hear alot of complaining around my house, I ask my kids at dinner time to say out loud the 3 best things that happened to them today.  Even before you go to sleep, write down those 3 "key" happy moments and you will sleep better and feel healthier ~ like you've got it under control.  It doesn't matter what it is, because perception is reality, right?    Only a few more weeks left in 2012 ~ "You can do it!"  "Put your 'gameface' on!"  Whoops ~ sorry I am getting a little carried away!:)

Anyway, just be positive and keep your holiday spirits up!!  And of course, stick with your routine of workout out!  Research shows that planning out your workout schedule and sticking with the gameplan will help you to stay motivated.  Plan it out each week and write it down on your calendar.  New Years Resolutions are right around the corner.

But for now, just breathe deeply at that red light ~ hey..."red" and "green" lights!  See?  The holiday spirit is all around us!:)

Keep the Peace,
Moira the elf