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Post Thanksgiving ~ onward to the holidays!

Moira Riccio

Enough about recipes and food -- let's get shopping and enjoying ourselves....  The holidays are upon us!  And, while we still need to squeeze our workouts into our routine, we need to start shopping for family and friends.:)   There's Black Friday, Cyber Monday ~ many opportunities to find a deal!  If you are looking for a roadtrip and overall positive shopping experience, take a drive up to Freeport, ME.
We went there for the day this weekend and wished I had made plans to stay overnight!   LL Bean has something for everyone and is open 24 hours a day, plus there were many new stores including North Face, Patagonia, Ann Taylor, Nike, Vineyard Vines, and "Mexicali Blues" ~ a very hip Yoga/Pilates type of place, with clothing and jewelry.   I saw an outdoor cafe with people relaxing by open fireplaces outside ~ it looked so cozy!  There's actually a road race at midnight on Thanksgiving, kicking off the holiday shopping season.

If you want to stay close to home, grab your sneakers and join in the HW Community event, "Gabe's Run," the day after Thanksgiving at Patton Park in Hamilton.  It is a 5K race in the woods, in honor of a local High School cross country runner who died in a car accident.  Look for me and my family...and join us for cup of chowder afterward.:)  I love the road race environment....I have run many of them in my day, and it's just a fun experience.  People hang out after the race and have some snacks and just connect with friends.

Thank you all for your continued friendship and commitment to fitness!
Happy Thanksgiving,