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Nutritional Ideas

Moira Riccio

Planning ahead for your lunch and dinner is a really good way to eat well.  With a little bit of effort and determination, you can make changes for the better, and look and feel healthier!

Every Sunday, figure out a few meals for the week and create a menu.  I once ridiculed my older sister when, as a newlywed, she posted the menu on her refrigerator.  I thought, "That's it, she is over the edge!  She's so nerdy!"  Today ~ from my older, wiser viewpoint ~ I realize that planning ahead is easier, less expensive and saves time and energy....  When you cook, cook extra and freeze or save for other meals.   If you are able to pack a lunch, that helps, too.  This will manage portion sizes etc....   If you have already decided on lunches and dinners, you will be less likely to splurge or binge on junk food, staring at you front he cabinet or fridge.:)

Here's a typical menu from the Riccio household:

Monday:            Grilled chicken, pasta with parmesan cheese, salad (make 2, save one)
Tuesday:            Chicken enchiladas (with leftover chicken, low fat cheese and 0% greek yogurt), brown rice and salad, salsa
Wednesday:       Grilled salmon, grilled veggies
Thursday:           High protein noodles with leftover grilled veggies
Friday:                Turkey burgers (DiLuigis are really good) and roasted potatoes on the grill
Saturday:            take out pizza
Sunday:              Turkey chili and chips!

Thanksgiving Overnight turkey recipe in this week's "Weekly Tips"~  'Best turkey I have ever had!! ~ this is from the same sister...Julie Grady:)