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The aging process ~ what does it mean to you?

Moira Riccio

Everything!  This weekend, I had the opportunity witness and observe two different stages of the aging process:  first, I went to a High School reunion, where everyone is muddling their way through middle age....and second, I celebrated my mother-in-law's 84th birthday, where she is now in her later years.

Because I love to people watch, the reunion was actually very entertaining ~ lots of fun conversation, comparing notes about kids, jobs, and life.  As you can imagine, people attending the reunion came dressed in all different shapes and sizes.  Bottom line is some people take good care of themselves and some people simply accept that they will age just like their parents did --  a little heavier and a little rounder.  When they asked me what I was doing, I just said, "Fitness Instructor,"  I wanted to say to them, "You look terrific but get with the program ~ you are not old, just more mature.  Have you heard of the Reformer?  

And, of course our birthday celebration was a typical Italian feast of meatballs and "gravy," where everyone started out one size and probably finished another!:)  My mother-in-law asked my opinion because she was having pain in her hips.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out ~ her posture was so far forward (probably after stirring the gravy so many years...:)) that she was obviously putting undue pressure on her lower back.  "Squeeze it in, pull your shoulders back and down!"  I said, and she honestly could not do it.  When I tried to fix her pulling her up straight, she was laughing and saying, "That's so uncomfortable!"  Furthermore, I gave her a pair of form fitting pants for her birthday and she was totally thrown off.  My sisters-in-law and I were saying, "They look terrific!  You look ten years younger!"  She was absolutely bewildered however, to hold her stomach in and stand up straight.  

Watching and learning at both occasions made me realize (all over again) how important it is to stay in shape AND do Pilates.  I really believe it.   We all owe it to ourselves by keeping fit and eating right.  And yes, we all want to feel long and lean, and build core strength, but truly it is critical to take care of ourselves for the long term ~ by working out on Reformer and/or MAT Pilates for your balance, flexibility, posture and to keep our muscles on the right track as we age.  Your body will thank you later...:)

Someone shared with me once, "Gesture becomes habit becomes posture becomes structure."  Definitely something to think about as we head into a new season.
Have a great day ~ "Keep the Peace...within YOU"