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Sleep Deprivation

Moira Riccio

Sure, we all know that being sleep-deprived affects your job performance, slows down our analytical skills, and zaps our energy level.  But did you know that it also makes you hungry?!

Here's an interesting report from NPR:
"...there's a kind of very basic assumption that people who do not get enough sleep leads to not enough activity, and therefore, not as many calories burned.  But on a deeper level, we also know that sleep deprivation causes insulin resistance, which leads to higher blood sugars, weight gain.  However the most critical finding is that just 3 weeks' worth of sleep deprivation will change the fundamental hormones regulating appetite and satiation, the feeling full....."

The report goes on to state that, "when you don't get enough sleep, you start to feel hungry even when you shouldn't be hungry."

So, it's not just stress that triggers over-eating, it's sleep deprivation, too!

Food for thought, my friends....

Nighty night,