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Fall is the perfect time to RENEW!

Early September has always been my favorite time of the year... I don't know why but I love the sounds & sights of Autumn: crickets singing in the morning, leaves changing color, warm temperatures during the day but cooler at night, beautiful sunsets, the taste of soup or chili on your heart & the touch of a crisp apple from the farm, or the rustling of leaves in the garden. Even if you don't have children going back to school, change is in the air. Ready or not, the Winter is coming and Autumn asks us to check-in with ourselves.... "Am I in the right job?" "Did I enjoy the summer as much as I could have?" "Where do I stand with relationships?" "Have I planned my winter vacation yet?" or "Do I need some help regarding my fitness/nutrition or wellness?"

I'm not gonna lie~change is sometimes hard at the beginning. Then, when you're ready to step back and catch your breath, you can tune into your senses and feel the opportunities all around you. "Life is good, but it isn't perfect." So true... Let's support each other as women moving into this all-important season of transformation! And, when in doubt, workout!