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Pilates Can Help to Prevent Injury

Moira's Blog Posts

Pilates Can Help to Prevent Injury

We’ve all heard those stories about people “pulling their back out” after simply reaching into the cabinet…or falling on ice and straining their shoulder & neck. What to do? Should we just all accept that we’re getting older and BE CAREFUL when moving at all?! Here’s my story to illustrate why the answer is “NO.” One day when I was putting groceries away in my garage I tripped on my clog and wiped out right on mu bottom! Oh no!! At first, I thought I hurt my hip or back… Nope~what ACHED was my ribcage… My CORE MUSCLES “caught” me on that cement floor. Pilates works. Bottom line, the more you take care of your self NOW, the stronger you will be, to move with ease. Aging gracefully takes work. You need to really decide WHY & HOW exercise will help to prevent injury, and then you will be more prone to follow through…. Start today and book two - three times each week into your schedule to exercise. Stretch each morning before you get into the shower. Walk after dinner with the warmer weather. All of these little things ADD UP and help you to keep moving. Now, adding CORE strengthening into that routine will certainly prevent injury, but helping you to “brace” that fall or “support” your reach into the cabinet. It’s true. When you decide to AWAKEN YOUR CORE ENERGY, you can definitely #keepthepeaceinyou.