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So, do fitness instructors workout on vacation?  Or do they just let it all hang loose, like the rest of us, and order from the McDonalds drive thru?!  "What the heck, right?" The truth is...everyone makes different choices while traveling for work or away on vacation -- and yup, it's exhausting -- but it's good to get out of the routine.  Hotel gyms may not have reformers, but make the best of it and take 20 minutes on the treadmill, or stretch out in down dog after your shower~you'll feel better sitting at the desk (work travel) or even in the lounge chair drinking margueritas! (vacation) If you want to maintain good posture overall, stick with at least part of the program.:).  

And, if you really need to know...Do I workout on vacation? Sometimes.  Do I eat McDonalds French fries?  No.  Do I eat the local specialities?  Yes.  One cookie or one burger is not going to ruin your diet.  Think of it this way~"eat this, don't eat that."  Eat the cookie, then stay away from that extra glass of wine.  Eat the burger but stay away from dessert.  And, yes, workout a little when you're away!!  #reentry is easier!!