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Find Time @ Work for the Fifteen Minute Workout

Under the gun at work?  Trying to find the time to exercise on your own?  In between training sessions, try to squeeze in an extra fifteen minutes…  Grab a sturdy chair and use your bodyweight~5 easy moves:

25 "Get Up/Sit Downs" -- keep looking ahead!

Hover over the chair for 60 seconds, then sit down and raise legs in front 25 times each leg

Hold onto the high back of the chair and do 25 step back lunges 

Still holding onto the back of the chair, turn right and then left to perform 26 leg lifts each side

Lie down on the floor and put feet on chair, lift 25x to bridge position

Continue with feet on chair, and work on 25 slow & then fast crunches -- then raise legs straight to the ceiling and breathe in and out for the remaining 3 minutes