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Which Exercise Burns the Most Calories?

Moira Riccio

1. Which body-weight routine blasts more calories?
2. Which exercise toasts the most calories?
3. Which low-impact activity zaps calories faster?
4. Which burns more calories around the house?
5. Which heart-pumping activity torches more calories?
6. Which workout delivers the greater caloric knockout?

And your answers are as follows:
1.  45 minutes of Pilates (YAY!)
2.  30 minutes of jogging
3.  45 minutes of Zumba
4.  30 minutes of cleaning
5.  30 minutes of jumping rope
6.  30 minutes of boxing

Are you surprised with these results?  Make your exercise time-efficient!  Change it up, and try different things, and sneak it into your busy schedule…