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How Mo Got Her Job

Moira Riccio

There's a children's book entitled, "How Santa Got His Job."  It's really funny, and tells how Santa had all these different jobs before delivering presents all over the world.  He started off as a short order cook, but ate too much of the food and was fired.  Then he delivered packages, but there were so many barking dogs that he delivered the packages down the chimney instead, getting fired again.  It is a child's story book but with deeper meaning to anyone who wonders, "Is this where I am supposed to be?"

We all make decisions about jobs, boyfriends, family and those decisions lead us down different paths, for better, for worse.  Let me just say that I can honestly say, being a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Coach is the place for me.:)  I, of course, was born with the "gift of gab," and figuring out how to talk so fast using proper cueing techniques is key to not for everyone.  But I have been reading to my children for years, and I would make up different voices for each character I would pretend to be.  Ask me sometime about my English accent!

I am the youngest of seven children, which of course allowed me to watch others often, giving me a solid sense how to "read" people, how they are feeling or how strongly they want to workout on a particular day.

I was a waitress for years, and therefore, can prioritize and organize exercises into an hour-long session.  

I have been a minivan-driving Mom for years, carpooling to multiple places in the same day.  This takes a lot of planning and preparation~for not only the destination but the dinner!  When, and what, is everyone going to eat?  And this also adds to my talent for cueing while moving in an exercise class~driving while throwing snacks and juices boxes to the back of a minivan isn't easy, you know!

I was in corporate sales, which helped me to improve my overall communication skills.  My boss once said to me, "Enthusiasm is contagious," and he was right!

I was an injured athlete at one point as well, which will always give me the compassion for helping others to be better, faster, stronger, and healthier.

As we approach the new year, let's strive to see the positive side of things and perhaps build on that idea that we are where we are supposed to be, and can be all the better for it!

Happy New Year,