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What's in Your Water may Impact Your Overall Wellness

Moira Riccio

What type of water do you drink:  Tap?  Purified?  Bottled?  Mineral?  Spring?  SMART Water?

As it turns out, it does make a difference what type of water you drink, especially when you are exercising.  Certain types of water (with minerals) are more readily absorbed into your body, and help to balance between acidic and alkaline foods.

You know how you drink some water and you feel really full?  Well, sometimes that particular type of water could be lacking in minerals which our bodies truly need -- especially in this age of busy schedules and eating on-the-run.   'Bottom line, when you eat alot of processed foods, they may throw off your pH Balance, and you will most likely feel sluggish and lethargic, perhaps the next day.  "Healthy" water, which may contain electrolytes, potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride & magnesium chloride will help balance out all those acidic foods and make you happier & smarter.;)

Check out your bottle today!