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Starbucks~do you have one in your neighborhood?

Moira Riccio

Well, I hope so.   Everyone goes through different phases in life, but this coffee buzz phase is now going on three years.  My husband brought home a giftcard for Starbucks one day, and offered it to me.  (He doesn't drink coffee.  -- 'Just another way in which we are opposite)  Anyway, I started going there and have grown to love it.  Ok, I may be hooked, some would call it addicted, not sure.  Whatever it is, I have found some truly interesting conversations with the customers who stop in for their java at the same time as I do.  This is Mo's time, pouring the half n'half in just so.  And while I create my happy drink, yucking it up with Nancy & Mary (sisters), George (I am on a board with his wife), Rob (training to be a massage therapist), about the weather, then current events, and joking around.   Honestly, we are all friends now....and in fact, one time I saw one of my Starbucks friends out at a carnival with my kids, and I was a little taken aback.   "Hi Alan!"  I waved.  And my kids were like, "Who is that?!"  I almost felt as though I was cheating in a way. :o)

Then I figured it out.   You get to have a nice little chat with these people without any commitment or baggage.  You all share something in common, maybe have some connection, and then move on.  

Life has so many long-standing relationships which have their ups and downs...and you need to sometimes ride it out and hope to remain friends after a disagreement or change your lifestyle, or maybe realize that you were only close for one stage of life and not so much now.   When you see that person again, it can be awkward, right?

No worries with Mary, Nancy, Alan, George, and of course, Frank.  Just a little chat in the morning, exchange pleasantries and have a good day!  No co-worker hassles, no sibling rivalries, no heavy responsibilities.  A coffee and a smile.

May you have a little Starbucks time in your day, too!