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Preventative Measures ~ 'Just a couple suggestions....;)

Moira Riccio

We all want to stay in shape for the present day-to-day positive attitude, cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, better balance and increased flexibility, as well as improved posture.  But what about preventative measures?  Planning for the future, I mean....   How can we stay looking forward and not backwards?  Working out (the right way for you) can certainly help to prevent injury.

It's just like what our healthcare providers are recommending these days ~ go to the gym and we will offer you a discount on insurance!  The world is changing.   This mindset also correlates to what we eat and how we feel.  It's cause and effect.  Action and consequences.

For example: eat a McDonalds cheeseburger or any food with lots of preservatives, and you may feel heavy and sick to your stomach.   I love bread but when I eat too much of it, I definitely feel bloated the next day -- ugh.  So before you order your next meal out this weekend, think about how you will feel later.

Another suggestion to feeling good each day is Apple Cider Vinegar.  A daily dose will help to cleanse, heal and support your body.  Just add 2 Tablespoons daily to a glass of water and help yourself to regulate pH balance, lower blood pressure, relieve allergy symptoms and nausea among many other things.   Apple cider vinegar also helps to reduce inflammation.

If you don't feel that helps, another little tip is to take a hot bath and dissolve 1 to 2 cups of good ol' Epsom Salt.  It's a cheap alternative to those expensive bathsalts and it contains magnesium and sulfate ~ necessary minerals for our bodies to work at the optimum.

Food for thought, my friends!
Remember, this will help to "Keep the Peace" within you;)