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Eat a Carrot Little Bunny;)

Moira Riccio

So I used to read this book to my children when they were young, "The Runaway Bunny."  The Momma bunny follows the baby bunny around and says, "I will take care of you no matter what."  The little bunny rebels and tries to run away ~ imagining itself as a bear, a cloud, a tree to escape the Momma, but the Momma always finds a way to the baby.  At the end of the sweet story of unconditional love, the Momma bunny says, "Now eat your carrot."

And that's what it all comes down to, doesn't it?  We all need to hold that carrot out and reach for it as a reward (even though it's food...) to give ourselves little things to look forward to.  As my friend and former roommate used to say to me, "If you don't take care of yourself, who will?"

So that's the wellness idea for the day, June 26, 2013:  Plan out your day, week, month and summer with little rewards along the way.  That's really simply a version of setting goals, whether it be watching our diet and/or exercising and feeling good about ourselves.  Look ahead on the calendar and go out to dinner with friends, take a boat cruise or stand-up paddle along the ocean, go see a concert!

We all need those carrots along the way!;)