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"Small Town Girl Trying to make Good in the World"

Moira Riccio

Do you watch American Idol?  Well, even if you don't, you may have heard that one of the top three finalists is from the North Shore of Boston!  We just came back from visiting the parade in her honor.... What a small town girl "trying to make good in the world."  While we were waiting for Angie Miller to arrive in her limo (no sight of Keith Urban ~ serious bummer), we soaked up the sunshine and struck up conversations with fellow fans.  We met Catherine, a seventy-five year old woman with her boyfriend -- full-blooded Italian, has two sons who live in California.  She said her finger was aching over dialing in for Angie so many times...:)  Then we stumbled upon two Moms and their daughters who had designed their own t-shirts in honor of Angie.  People carried signs, shouted out Angie's name as though she were their relative, and gasped when they saw her turn their way.  It was a small town event but one with lots of good people watching, and overall positive energy, where people were excited to see a celebrity.

So what does this have to do with wellness?  Well, after the Marathon Day bombings in Boston, it just simply felt good to be among people who had something in common, for the common good.  I truly feel as though you need to surround yourself with people who will bring you up, not put you down.  So many of us struggle with anxiety and/or stress and we all manage differently.  But it is so important to make positive choices as we grow wiser, isn't it?

Some of my best friends don't exercise at all.  They probably think I am a lunatic, let's face it.  But as long as they make me laugh and are fun to be around, who cares?   What I care about is when I still remain in contact with stagnant relationships in which people constantly complain and (although it's always good to vent) dump their problems on me.  I have come to realize that we all have busy, stressful lives -- but when we talk, don't bring me into your stress, because I have my own stress, you know?!

That's why today was a positive day that enriched my life.  Catherine  -- "spelled with a 'C,' the old fashioned way!" -- was an absolute joy to talk to and we shared a common bond with our parade experience ~ no TVs, no computers, no cars, no screens ~ just standing together on the street corners, cheering on one of our very own about to make it big in the world.  I hope you have the same type of experience sometime!

You know what they say, "You Only Live Once!"  YOLO!