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Memorial Day Weekend ~ manage your expectations...

Diane Dixon's the official start of summer: Memorial Day Weekend!  I always look forward to this weekend for an extra day of relaxation -- connecting with good friends, riding my bike with no time commitment, walking my dog on the beach, having a cookout with my family without electronics where everyone gets along -- even though it doesn't always work out the way I expect.  Isn't that the way with so many thing?  Manage your expectations, and you will naturally be more positive about your daily experiences.

Ya, ya, ya we all want to go to the beach this weekend -- got your beach pass and towel all ready to go?  Well, it's going to be rainy, damp and cold.  How about buying a ticket to a movie that your neighbor told you was "the best she ever saw" and you are puzzled as to why she thought it was so good!   Try out a new restaurant for the big Saturday night date, and your meal is overcooked~what are you going to do?!

Take a deep breath and manage your expectations, that's what.

Throw on a fleece jacket and hike the beach in boots instead!  Step out of the theatre and shop the mall.    Order another glass of Chardonnay and say to yourself, "It's not the last time I will eat a so-so meal out at a restaurant!"

So as we prepare for a wonderful summer with hopes of rest and relaxation, remember that often times, "life gets in the way."  So try your best to carve out sometime to yourself, in one way or another, but remember ~ if it doesn't meet your expectations, there's always a positive side to it ~ the "silver lining." Step back, and turn it around for the good, to mentally "Keep the Peace."  It's all good!

Warm Wishes for a healthy, fun and relaxing weekend,