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Salt Sugar Fat: what does this title mean to you?

Moira Riccio

That's the name of a book by Michael Moss, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who investigates the rise of processed foods in our "Supersize me!" culture.   He describes how the food industry creates convenience foods like "Lunchables," and promotes them as  "healthy" options for children and their busy but well-intentioned parents.  The subtitle is: "How the Food Industry Hooked Us."  Food for thought, eh?

We are all on busy schedules and not everyone can eat according to the diet menus in all the magazines ~ I get that!  Eat fresh?  Yah, right: you try that when you are in a hurry to catch a flight!  However, if you find yourself having too many cravings
for those things (we need some, you know ~ the occasional box of Wheat Thins:)), you may want to substitute with other choices.
Instead of wheat thins?  Try a handful of almonds.

I am not a nutritionist but I can tell you one thing:  the more you eat processed foods like crackers and soda, the more you will crave those things.  And it's usually at the same time of day, isn't it?!  For example, if you get in the habit of eating Oreos every night, you will really crave those cookies at about 9pm.   It's all a habit.  Just like smoking or a bad sleeping pattern....   If you want to change your habit, try to do something else for 5 days, and see what happens.

Nutrition, like fitness, is a very personal decision.   So take this information with a grain of salt, perhaps, but just wanted to pass along the information for you to prepare for the road ahead.

Take care,