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Fitness: Helps Overcome Daily Distractions

Moira Riccio

So, alot of people ask me, "How do you do it, raising four kids?!"  Well, let me describe it to you this way ~ you know when you start driving and momentarily forget to strap your seatbelt and the alarm rings to remind you?  And, of course you already have the radio on, so it's ringing and you are trying to listen to the radio but all you can hear is the alarm?   Ring, radio, ring radio, ring, radio....

That's how it is.

And, when you shop at Market Basket and it's super crowded and you reach for butter or eggs and someone has already pushed their cart in front of you, studying the shelf for their particular type of yogurt...and you need to re-align your cart to steer around and continue to the deli.  Each aisle you seem to feel as though you are continually bumping into person after person and it takes forever to get the shopping done.  Maybe someone even pushes their cart into your heels?  In fact, you get so distracted that you drive home and you realize you forgot the salsa in aisle 4 and have a little bit of a headache.

That's how it is.

Ok, so it's really a combination of the two.:)  So, I must carry on ~ and stick with my routine, my to do list, the task at hand and enjoy those sweet moments of laughter and relaxation.  Recently I have been really chuckling with my youngest, of course, who has memorized football players numbers and teams and asks me 10/15x a day, "Mom, who does______ play for?"  Usually I do not know the answer, so he says, "Brett Favre!"  Then he tells me where he went to college and his hometown.  I know what you are thinking ~ is it OCD?   I prefer to think of it as him being smart, and just changing his focus from legos to football players.:)

So, today and every day:  Build in a little laughter yourself around the annoying co-worker or person picking their nose in the car next to you on the highway.:)   Secondly:  Exercise!  It truly helps, exercise that is, to help remove yourself from all those daily distractions.   Take a moment, put down your iPhone and get yourself into the Studio or (in the case of snow days) at-home Pilates moves to stay on your game!

Spring is right around the corner,