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Preparing for the road ahead....

Moira Riccio

"All hands on deck, heave out and get up!  Fore and aft..."  These are the words my father used to bellow down the long hallway of our red ranch house, waking everyone up for the day!  (he was in the navy)  That's what's going on around Boston's North Shore this weekend: getting up and at 'em, preparing for the storm, Hurricane Sandy...!!   Gathering outside toys and loose gardening items, cleaning out the gutters, putting things away in the garage to prepare for the storm.

So as I was buying some "rations" for the Riccio crew at the grocery store this morning, I got to thinking ~ it's very similar to what I see Pilates and CORE strengthening as: preparing for the years to come.  Sure, it would be nice to have the Giselle Bundchen body and boast the 36-26-36 measurements,  But let's face it, we are who we are.  What we really need to exercise for is to be strong from the inside out.  So, when we fall on the ice, or reach for something high in the cabinet (maybe while cleaning out the garage), we will instinctively rely on our core strength to protect us from injury.  Our muscles follow patterns, and our minds tell the inner muscles to work first, then trigger the outside, bigger muscles.  Pilates will help us all to be strong, fit, and healthy for the long road ahead, to "Keep the Peace" with in you.:)

See you soon,