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Moira's Blog Posts

Keep the Fire Burning...

Moira Riccio

Fitness according to Bob Greene:  "Both strength-training and cardio are essential for dropping pounds and keeping them off, too.  I think of aerobic exercise as the kindling in a fire and resistance exercise as the big logs that keep it burning.  Cardio melts calories on the spot, while toning gives you stronger muscles that burn more calories all day long.  So, it's easier to slim down for good."

There you have it ~ an excellent way of suggesting you need to "mix things up" with your workout routine, especially as we grow older!  If you are feeling like you want to make a change in your routine and/or fitness lifestyle, just call me and we can sit down to discuss.  Or read about the different exercise routines here and try them out....

Keep the fire burning...and "Keep the Peace within You!"