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Holiday Fitness Deal

Moira Riccio

Greetings on this cold blustery day in November.  Here's a little poem for your entertainment:

"'Twas the month after Thanksgiving, and our bellies were still filled...
With turkey and the fixins' -- at the time we were thrilled!
But now, alas -- we wonder: how can we reign in our appetite like the reindeer?
Enjoy time with family, friends and food, in that order my dear!
And get back into your workouts to work the bottom line, so to speak.:)  
For we all need to move around and exercise, so we are not weak --
In the mind, spirit and body.  De-stress and feel good about you,
Reformer, Barre, Spinning and RIPPED will surely beat the holiday blues!!"

I know, I know...kinda corny ~  but it's so true, isn't it?   We all need to enjoy ourselves, but as we age we need to workout with conditioning and cardiorespiratory exercise!  It's just like wearing a new outfit ~ it gives you that added boost of confidence to get through the day.  A little "skip in your step," just like Santa!

So, here's your holiday shopping deal:  If you buy a 6 pack of personal training sessions as a new client,  you can get 2 training sessions for free!  This is a coupon you can reserve for now and/or after the first of the year.  Personal training sessions are just that ~ custom-designed for each person.  I can do a postural analysis, take your measurements, weigh you and discuss your whole lifestyle fitness plan if you are interested.  Just give me a call at 617-571-9102.  (And if you wrap this for yourself to put under the tree, your secret is safe with me!:))

Keep the Peace,